#KidLitPit - What Is It All About?

After a search of Twitter, we couldn't find a children's fiction pitch event since 2018. Because children's literature is inspiring our future world leaders, scientists, teachers, accountants, our future everythings, we know how important children's literature is to the world. Our stories are shaping the future.  To that end, we decided to launch our own Kid Lit pitch event on Twitter to showcase those amazing stories for agents and publishers.  If an agent or publisher likes 💓 your pitch it means they would like to hear more from you. Check out their submission guidelines or their Twitter profile to find out more.  Check out our pitch guidelines and pitch tips.  Best of luck to everyone taking part. 


 DATES FOR YOUR DIARY To make the most of the excitment leading up to #KidLitPit, we would like to share some mini-events.  2nd January Share a Snippet Choose the most favourite part of your story and share a snippet for other authors to read and give feedback. Use the hashtag #KLP Snippet 6th January First Line Friday Share the first line of your novel. How are you going to hook your readers with your creative use of your first line? Use the hashtag #First Line Friday 10th January Author Connect Share a little about yourself and your novel, using the #hashtags from our post about hashtags , and meet authors writing in the same genre or age group as you. Connect to peers, meet colleagues and create links. Use the hashtag #AuthorConnect 14th January Last Line - No Spoilers Share the last line of your novel, or almost the last line if the last line reveals spoilers. Use the hashtag #LastLineNoSpoilers 18th January Pitch Preview If you'd like some feedback on your pitch, this is the m


We've taken a lot of inspiration from the amazing people at PitchWars and have collected these hashtags to use in your pitches. There are a lot of #hashtags available so make sure you narrow down the ones you want to use to the most essentual.  Age Categories (one is required): #PB = Picture Book #C = Children’s #CB = Chapter Book #MG = Middle Grade #YA = Young Adult Genres/Sub-genres (optional): #AC = Action #AD = Adventure #BIZ = Bizarro Fiction #CF = Christian Fiction #CON = Contemporary #F = Fantasy #FTA = Fairy Tale Retelling #GN = Graphic Novel #H = Horror #HA = Humor #HF = Historical Fiction #INSP = Inspirational #LF = Literary Fiction #MR = Magical Realism #M = Mystery #MA = Mainstream #Mem = Memoir #NF = Non-fiction #P = Paranormal #PM = Poetry Collection #STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics #SF = SciFi #SHRT = Short Story Collection #SPF = Speculative Fiction #SH = Superhero #S = Suspense #T = Thriller #TT = Time Travel #UF = Urban Fantasy #VF = Visionary

The Rules

We don't have a lot of rules for KidLitPit. We want to create an inclusive, welcoming and friendly pitch event where everyone feels they have had the opportunity to pitch to agents and publishers.  Rule 1: Be respectful. If you're not keen on someone's pitch, feel free not to comment on it.  Rule 2: 3 pitches total per author. You can pitch multiple books, you can use mood boards and graphics but three pitches only.  Rule 3: If you're an agent please like a post. This will let the author know you would like to hear more from them.  Rule 4: If you're not an agent, please only comment on posts. Everyone gets so excited to have a 'like' only to find out it's someone kind being supportive and not an agent like after all. We are changing to comments only this year because we feel that comments and conversations about posts increases visibility much more than retweets.  Rule 5: Please only pitch query ready manuscripts. Make the most of the opportunity by bein

When is #KidLitPit?

During out last pitch contest, there was a lot of confusion on when KidLitPit started.  This time round, to avoid confusion, #KidLitPit will start at midnight, your time. This does mean that #KidLitPit will last a little longer than 24 hours, but it will only last for 24 in your time zone.  Start posting your pitches at 00:00 26th Jan your time and finish at 23:59 26th Jan your time. It couldn't be easier. Don't worry about time zones. 

Amazing Pitch Tips!

Pitch Wars was an amazing pitching/mentor event that lasted for 10 years. So many writers and authors found homes for their books through this event. It's still the place I head to for pitch tips.  That's why I'm sharing them with you!  You can follow this link to check out the original post on Pitch Wars . I would certainly advise you to do so - I'm going to.  However, in a nutshell, here are some of the valuable tips they've gathered over their 10 fantastic years.  The Take Action Pitch [Protagonist]  in  [a situation]  must  [take action]  to solve  [the problem] . For example: Suddenly discovering he's a wizard , Harry Potter must secure the magical, life preserving philosopher's stone to prevent the return of the evil wizard, Voldermort .  The When Pitch When  [protagonist]  discovers/learns/other similar word  [catalyst] , he/she must  [overcome x]  before a deadline or ticking clock, or else  [stakes] . When Harry Potter learns he's a wizard